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Human Resource Consulting and Management

Human Resource Consulting and Management

When looking to manage or develop your human resource assets choose efficient, professional, and timely services from HR Terroir.  We pride ourselves on providing support, practical, and sustainable suggestions and partner with you to grow and yield results.

HR Terroir specializes on the elements that deliver the most impact and value. These include regulatory compliance, hr and safety training, coaching, employee relations, employee surveys, recruiting,  performance management, succession planning,  policy and procedure implementation and customized training programs.

We offer all these services in Spanish and English with a strong expertise in cultural norms and how to best embed understanding.

Whatever your need is, HR Terroir is here to serve in a timely and friendly approach. We are recognized for developing long-lasting relationships, practical solutions and creative new ideas that deliver results.


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About Us

Since 2008, our team at HR Terroir has focused on providing companies throughout the Napa Valley and Sonoma, CA region with human resource consulting and management services. We take the same approach with your team as with a the delicate growing of grapes in the vineyard: analyzing and nurturing  the ground to deliver quality results.  

We provide a hands-on approach, formulating practical solutions and creative new ideas that help our clients achieve their goals. Much like our namesake, which is a French term to describe the combination of environmental factors that give wine its distinctive flavor, we apply a holistic approach to helping you manage your human resource needs.

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"At times, people can get occupied by issues or overwhelmed with emotion, causing their perspective to be impaired and they can no longer see clearly. Coaching helps people take a step back and gain perspective on a situation."
- Molly Morales

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Received the Volunteerism Award From Canine Companions for Independence in August 2014 for having spent more than 40,000 hours training and raising a service dog.


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