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HR Terroir is committed to cultivating environments that helps both companies and the people who contribute their skills and knowledge to grow and thrive.

Human Resources General Management

HR Management is the foundation for managing the people element in your organization meeting compliance and establishing the right practices.

· General HR Department Structure and  Management   · Mentoring for Office Managers or Junior HR professionals  · Rightful Terminations

· Documentation Management and Control

Organizational Development and Design

Identical to site selection and the identification of the proper terroir is the first place to start when designing your current or future organization.

· Strategic Planning  · Organizational Design  · Change Management  · Organizational Values and Behaviors  · HR Audits and Assessment

Regulatory Compliance and Systems

Meeting and developing practices to meet Federal and State compliance is essential to preventing lawsuits, avoiding fines and having the right structure for long term success.

· Department of Labor Regulations  · Cal/OSHA Health & Safety Requirements · Sexual Harassment Training  · Managing Leave Programs

· Manager, Supervisor and Foreman Easy to Understand Compliance Training

Coaching and Leadership Advisor

Coaching provides the same vehicle as adding nutrients to plant life. Coaching provides a platform to discuss challenges and blossom ideas to improve the health and performance of the organization.

·  Executive Coaching  · Leadership Team Building  · Family Ownership and Operation Alignment   · Performance Improvement  · One-to-One 

Talent Management

Talent Management

Managing your talent is as essential as the efforts put forward in crop and disease control. Having the right clones in the right location; managing plant growth and nutrients; ensure a system of healthy practices to sustain success yields and long term results.

·      Employee Surveys

·      Retention Programs

·      Career Ladder and Skill Development

·      Succession Planning

·      Performance Management

·      Talent and High Potential Assessment

·      Calibrating Company Standards against Actual Department Performance 


Recruiting is similar to plant selection. Ensuring the right people are in the right chair at the right time saves time, money and makes the difference in how you allocate your time to focus on more important factors in the organization. 

 · Executive, Professional and Hourly Employee Recruiting

·  Job Description Design   · Resume and Interview Screening   · Offer Letter and Closing Candidates   · New Hire Orientation and On Boarding 

Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement is homogeneous with connection of vine and fruit. Positively influencing and developing this critical relationship to grow the bond between employer and employee, furthers performance engagement, commitment and secures retention.

· Executive Team Coaching  · Climate and Pulse Surveys  · Engaging Communication Scripts · Influencing the Workforce  · Postive Employee Relations

Benefits and Compensation

Assessment on Benefit and Compensation plans and competative analysis and recommendations to reduce costs.