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What Clients Say About HR Terroir

HR Terroir is dedicated to serving the Napa and Sonoma County. Local and accessible, our clients continue to share their value and satisfaction.

Flavors of Satisfaction

"Molly is the essence of a true leader. In addition to being an exceptional business partner, she leads by example and is highly skilled at pulling together all levels of people within the organization to go beyond their initial thinking for better results and greater client satisfaction. Molly is optimistic and provides expert insights and perspectives to generate positive results for both the business and community. Her management style is empowering, and she inspires and focuses the entire organization on success. Most importantly, Molly is a pleasure to work with and excels at promoting the brand inside and outside the company."
- Michele S., Founder and Principal Consultant, Mountain Goat Messaging

"Molly is one of the most energetic, dedicated and resourceful people that I have worked with. I hired Molly to consult on a few projects and because of her care for our business and her expertise we are still working with her today. She meshed well with our employees and brought solutions to the table. If you want the job done, then you want Molly on your team."
- Ariana P., Executive Vice President, Peju Province Winery

"Molly is an excellent listener and communicator who possesses the rare interpersonal skills to put people at ease whether they be a client or prospective candidate. She is a consummate professional, highly strategic, and extremely knowledgeable within the field of Human Resources."
- Dan G., Direct to Consumer Marketing Manager, Peju Province Winery

"I have worked with Molly Morales for four years. During that time, she has provided Peju Winery expert advice on difficult Human Resource issues. She takes the time to research each subject thoroughly and presents expert solutions. Her work has protected the Company during times of transition. She has added value to the Company."
- Kandiss S/, Controller and Director of HR and IT, Peju Province Winery

"I asked Molly to help me understand the employment/business climate as I have chosen to go back to work. Retirement did not work for me. She took great interest in my situation and spent the time necessary to give me a global view of the market today and how best for me to deal with it. I highly recommend her for her understanding and her dedication to bring out the best in all of us. Molly, terrific job. Thanks!"
- Asa B.

"Molly is a commensurate professional who is skilled at understanding the needs of the company and the prospective candidates. She is a keen listener with the ability to quickly identify synergy and pair that with applicable skill set to align with a position's roles and responsibilities. Molly is objective, no-nonsense, and has a keen ability to quickly identify qualified candidates that will result in the best match, leading to a successful and mutually beneficial working relationship."
- Eric R., General Manager

"Molly has a great passion for her craft. She is effective and works collaboratively with her peers. She was always willing to get involved to understand and resolve issues—this was really appreciated with those she worked with. People miss her!"
- Rob B., Vice President Grape & Wine Supply, Treasury Wine Estates

"Molly is a full-fledged Human Resource Director with a forte in development and communication. She greatly contributed to the turn-around of the company. She supported the new vision by putting in place clear processes, aligning the team behind challenging objectives, and contributing in generate behavioral step-changes."
- Frederic C., Chief Executive Officer, Domaine Chandon & Newton Vineyards (currently CEO Tiffany & Company)

"I had the pleasure to work with Molly at Domaine Chandon, she actually recruited me there. Her excellent coaching skills and highly insightful advises help me to become the manager I am now. She is an energetic leader who knows how to inspire, motivate, and drive people to result. Strategic thinker, she is very good at change management too and leading strategic changes of the whole organization to improve company efficiency and competitiveness. Rare skill on the market, she understands the complexity of moving people internationally and getting the best of them. She is also fun to work with, and her enthusiasm only equal her passion to develop people. Molly was an extremely valuable asset for the company, and I am strongly recommending her."
- Jean B., Director of Operations, Domaine Chandon & Newton Vineyards